Decor8 blog - May 1st 2012

Being relatively new to the world of blogging, I was delighted to hear from my dear friend, artist, stylist and photographer, Ali Allen, that I had been mentioned on the Decor8 blog last week. I would like to thank Holly Becker, it is fantastic to be featured on Decor8 and read the enthusiastic comments from a few of her 48,000 daily readers. Also a thank you to Iris for being a wonderful host and making us so welcome when we were shooting her beautiful house.

Please see below for the full comment and details of the pictures used in the blog entry.

The photographs were taken for the following publications -

(1)Tiled Fireplace & (4)Flowers on Tulip Table - Jane Packer - At Home With Flowers. Published by Ryland,Peters & Small.

(2)Sofa with Owl Cushion, (7)Close Up of Seed Head & (8)Still Life on table - Country Living Magazine. Julia Bird's House. Styled by Ben Kendrick

(3)Shelves of Vases - Vintage Flowers by Vic Brotherson. Published by Kyle Books.

(5&6) Country Living Magazine Styled by Ben Kendrick

(9&10) Country Living Magazine Styled by Ben Kendrick

Decor8 - 1st May 2012 - 

I just heard about London-based photographer Catherine Gratwicke from Iris because Catherine is photographing her home today for an upcoming book (congrats, Iris!) and so I had to check out her portfolio and I’m so glad I did. Catherine has a great eye and enormous talent for interiors photography and stills. I thought I’d share a few glimpses of her work today so you can be inspired too.

Photographer Catherine Gratwicke

Photographer Catherine Gratwicke

Photographer Catherine Gratwicke

If you’d like to see more, please check out her incredible website. Delish!

(images: catherine gratwicke)

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17 Responses to “Photographer Catherine Gratwicke”

  1. 1Ría commented: 

    I love the pictures.

    Ría´s last [type] ..Keep Calm and Smile On.

  2. 2Iris commented: 

    Thanks Holly! I loved watching Catherine work, so calm and professional. And her portfolio is just amazing.
    x Iris
    Iris´s last [type] ..Catherine Gratwicke

  3. 3Decofairy commented: 

    Adorable house, great photos and so many details!!!

  4. 4Bobbi commented: 

    I love the drama in these photos.
    Bobbi´s last [type] ..May Basket and Fabric Flowers Tutorial

  5. 5Laura commented: 

    Incredible indeed. wow, so beautiful! Laura
    Laura´s last [type] ..Winter, Spring, Summer ooor Faaalllll…

  6. 6Chantal commented: 

    Good to see Cath getting some love. Her work is fab, so rich and earthy.
    What a wicked way with light.

  7. 7Regina - Fauxology commented: 

    Gorgeous work and home!
    Regina – Fauxology´s last [type] ..Coloring in the Lines

  8. 8caroline commented: 

    So good to see catherine’s work again. I was lucky enough to style with her a few years ago and her shots and portfolio are fabulous!
    caroline´s last [type] ..Styling Details…

  9. 9Shabby Chic commented: 

    What an amazing photographer, she captures colour and texture so beautifully. Looking forward to checking out her website/portfolio!
    Shabby Chic´s last [type] ..East End Reno is complete!

  10. 10Kate @ Songs Kate Sang commented: 

    Oh my goodness. I love the picture with the beautiful bouquet against the white.
    Kate @ Songs Kate Sang´s last [type] ..Coffee Date: Hummingbirds…

  11. 11Lisanne van de Klift commented: 

    Wauw! Love it! There is do much to see!!! Very inspiring!
    Thanx for sharing! Love it!

  12. 12Lisanne van de Klift commented: 

    Read: There is SO much to see!! :-) X
    Lisanne van de Klift´s last [type] ..Vintage Stijl van Li en Dan

  13. 13Chloe and the Chimera commented: 

    The quality of light in the photos in beautiful, but so is the decor! I love the tiles (or is it wallpaper) around the fireplace in the first picture. And the owl cushion?! Want one! Also, those blue shelves with the blue and earthy hues crockery, such a lovely combination of colours.
    Chloe and the Chimera´s last [type] ..Stanley knife blades and sleep deprivation

  14. 14julie @ tractorgirl commented: 

    loving that shelf full of luscious ceramics! All those gorgeous patterns in one place. Thanks!
    julie @ tractorgirl´s last [type] ..Food : Croatian pancakes

  15. 15Amberly commented: 

    So happy that you shared Catherine’s work with us! Those photos are absolutely stunning; I can’t wait to explore her website. Please keep these kinds of posts coming!
    Amberly´s last [type] ..I Dare You Not to Drool

  16. 16Coco commented: 

    Omg I love the blue tiles around the fireplace! Too bad that I don’t have a fireplace in my home, but if i did i really wanted it to look like this!!!

  17. 17Lauren Kellim commented: 

    Im dying over Catherine’s photography!!! She is a talent! Love all the rooms!

'Vintage Flowers' - Vic Brotherson

My latest photographic project is 'Vintage Flowers - Choosing,Arranging,Displaying' by the effortlessly talented Vic Brotherson. We shot the pictures over a year to make sure that Vic could get hold of all the seasonal flowers and the result is a book that is both a visual feast and informative.

Visit Vic’s shop,Scarlet & Violet at 76, Chamberlayne Road,London NW10,it is wonderfully inspiring and not only full of amazing flowers but features many vintage finds that Vic sources herself,vases,tables,ceramics all to showcase her beautiful flowers.

Vintage Flowers - Choosing,Arranging,Displaying Published by Kyle Book